Zwave setup

i have habmin 2.0 alpha 2 and habmin 2 both work and a aeon gen5 controler but cant get my zwave to work i have
it the “C:\openhab2\addons”:
my config
but it dont work dont see any zwave devices
I’am on windows 10

I’d suggest to check out this thread, which is all about ZWave on OH2.

The thread Kai referenced is for the OH2 binding - you seem to be running the OH1 binding. This is fine if that’s what you want to do. If you want to run the OH2 binding, then you should install it using PaperUI, and check out the thread Kai referenced for information on getting started.

You also have two versions of HABmin running (1.7 and 2.0) - this is probably not a good thing to do…