Zwave Sniffing Suite Proof of Concept

Hello Openhab community,
I’d like to share with you my “corona time” hobby project zwave-sniffer-suite.

The state of this project is at the moment a proof of concept of two approaches:

  1. Reverse engineering of the serial protocol an ZMEUZB1 stick with Zniffer firmware speaks with
    the Zniffer windows software, here I wrote an EXTCAP plugin for Wireshark. This allows full
    sniffing of the lower layers of the ZWave network with wireshark tooling and therefore not limited anymore on Windows only.

  2. A more high level approach where a running SerialAPI communication between a software (like openhab) and an Zwave controller is tapped with strace. The read/write syscalls are traced and
    the SerialAPI communication messages are mirrored to an TCP socket server.
    An wireshark EXTCAP connects to this socket server and decodes the SerialAPI messages.

Even the tools are far from complete right now, it helped me already to solve some ZWave issues in my house. So. I hope this is also useful to you.

Best regards


Welcome Alex to the OpenHAB community!!!

I use the zwave binding and look forward to you contributing software for diagnoising zwave issues that require low level sniffing software
Welcome!!! :+1: