ZWave status under OH2

Chris, I want to help out, but I don’t know how to best get started.
Should I just download the latest build of openhab2 (from jenkins) and does that then have the correct zwave bindings?
Because judging from the version number, it is for openhab 1.8.

Some instructions on how to get started with testing the openhab2 z-wave bindings would be helpful.

Yes, the current version is for OH1 - the OH2 version isn’t released just yet as we’re still testing a few things…

ok, that explains at least.
How could I help out testing the openhab2 version?
I am fine with compiling stuff myself.

If you want to compile a version yourself, then you can find it in my OH2 repo on github…

We did some testing yesterday with thermostats and found an issue that I need to look at, but otherwise things are looking ok (other than working out how to convert the database!).

Chris, I read your instruction on how to convert items in db, but I think that, until there’s a way of testing the new format, (i.e. zwave binding is running on one’s system) it is hard to do some work on this.

Would it perhaps not be good to move it upstream or publish some binary packages, even though work remains?

Or is there a build/installation instruction somewhere?

I’m so looking forward to OH2+zwave… :smile:

If you’re comfortable grabbing and compiling the code, then please feel free. If I publish binaries, you still won’t be able to test the database files as they are compiled into the JAR.

You can get the source from my git repository. There are a few people using this now and a few small issues I think, but the big problem is working out the database conversion and maintenance as it’s going to be a nightmare - as I described in the post below -:

I hope to get this completed in the next few days - hopefully… In the meantime, if you want to compile the binding, please do so, and let me know if you have any feedback…


Compiled in? Didn’t expect that!
I’ll have a go then, I’m not too experienced with Java, but I guess I anyway need to get the gears up since I’m going for OH, and intend to write my own plugins in the future.


It’s the same in OH1, but in OH2 it’s part of the ESH design…

Considering the Z-Wave database: is it not possible to, say, borrow some data from other open source projects? With asking the maintainers, of course.

Anything is possible, but I’m not sure what this would achieve in the short term? The issue isn’t access to the data, the issue is producing an OH2 format…

Or, maybe I’m missing something?

Aha, I figured something along those lines, and I guess there are reasons behind it, although in the zwave case it sounds a tiny bit inflexible with all those devices arriving to the market. Anyway don’t think I’m complaining - like most I am admiring the work you’ve put in with this! :sunglasses:

See my comment in the following post about why I prefer the database inside the JAR (mainly configuration and quality control).

Hi Crhris
Any news about zwave binding for OH2 ?

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Right now it seems that daily build doesn’t work. I have tried with the daily bild 11/1-2016 and again 15/1-2016. Both builds starts ZWave and then it is stopping right away. The behaviour can be reproduced both under Windows 10 and Raspberry Pi 2 B (Jessie). My stick is the UZB stick.
I found a daily build on my disk from 26/12-2015, that works. I don’t know what have changed over the 16 days, but obviously the karaf stuff has been introduced.

I would be more than happy in spending some time with testing :smile:

Best Regards

I guess you’re talking about the OH1 binding - the OH2 binding is not released yet. I think I read that there’s a problem after the karaf changes, but that’s not really related to this thread for the OH2 binding…

I’m finalising the database converter at the moment - hopefully this will be ready in a few days (I hope!) and we can then start to get people updating the database.

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Correct. The reason I mentioned karaf isn’t that it is related with karaf, it is just one change that is quite obvious has taken place for me as user of OH.

If you need help for further investigations, log files or whatever - please don’t hesitate to ask.

I’ve tried the latest download of OH2 and could not get anything z-wave working. I tried both with the offline and online distributions. Is that due that karaf issue you are talking about? I must admit not having spent much time trying to figure it out.
Do the new distribution come with the OH1 Z-Wave bindings resolved? Or do they have to be installed? With the offline, when I put the binding in the addons, it was unable to load the z-wave bindings, due to an unresolved link issue. When I tried in the online distro, it seems to appear but did nothing. Maybe it was my setup that is not working, but my setup files were (partially) working with a previous version of OH2.

Sometimes I wonder if this thread is full of trolls.

The OH2 bindings for Z-Wave have not been released yet. If you can’t wait
for this free software, and have the technical chops it’s possible to
compile from the source yourself.

No need to be snippy. Re-read what I wrote. I was talking about the OH1 bindings being used in OH2, as recommended by Chris. Not talking about the OH2 bindings.

Great news :slight_smile:
Let us know