Zwave Thing added, now how do I use it?

So I am slowing diving into penhab right now. I was able to connected my first light bulb via the zwave bind. The issue am seeing is it only creates a thing versus a item. I using the paperui and I only see the light bulb as a thing, and it seems like all the tools are only made to interface with a thing.

Sorry if this is nonsense or something trivial.

Hi there,

I am also very new to the openhab, I have gone one step further so I am trying to answer your question.
You must add Zwave controller first followed by bulb under things on paper UI.

Once you have done that, you need to log into your openhab and edit a file to add your bulb as an “item” and also edit “sitemap” for that bulb. Instructions are nicely mention on the documentation.

Once you edit those two files Final step back to paperUI—Configure----services----BasicUI click “configure”

after that you should be able to control your lightbulb via “basicUI” or create a button on the “HABPANEL” and control from there. I noticed that HABPANEL is device specific, means, if you setup on tablet, you can only use on that tablet.

Hope that helps,
I tried my best.

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