Zwave.things manual configuration perameters

I am trying to configure several ZW6302 motion sensors. It looks like the default PRI timeout is set to 60 min!!!

I would like to set that to 5 seconds, I can’t use Paper because my device is configured manually. How do I configure that option in zwave.things?

Currently, I just have:

Thing zwave:ge_zw6302_00_000:controller:node71 "Node 71: ZW6302 - Motion" (zwave:serial_zstick:controller) [ node_id=71 ]

I can’t help with your specific problem, but if you do not get a satisfactory answer you might be able to get by with a Rule or the Expire binding. For example:

Switch MyPIR { channel="zwave:yadda:yadda:yadda", expire="5s,command=OFF" }

The problem is that the motion sensor is sleeping for the PRI timeout, not sure why openHAB has it set to 60 min by default, but that means that no other motion is captured for an hour after an event.

Well, that sucks. Hope there is a way for you to make it work right.

Is it possible to mix text based configs and audodiscovered at least until the ability to make this update in the parameters possible?

Maybe its possible to do autodiscovery, change the parameter, then delete the Thing and go back to your text based Thing. My understanding is most of the parameters like this are stored on the device itself so it should persist even after you delete the autocreated Thing. Unless the binding resets everything back to the default.

Hope you get help to figure it out. This clearly renders your PIRs useless with a 60 minute timeout.

i try to configure zwave with the things-file, but i have a problem with the invert configuration.
what i’m doing wrong?


Bridge zwave:serial_zstick:controller "ZWave Controller" [ port="/dev/ttyACM0", controller_softreset="false", controller_master="true", heal_enable="true", security_networkkey="xxxxx" ]
   fibaro_fgr222_24_024 OgSl_Jalousie "OgSl_Jalousie" [ node_id=6, config_invert_control=true ]


Rollershutter OgSl_JalousieFenster_Control "Jalousie Buero [%s]" <rollershutter> (gShutterAll) {channel="zwave:fibaro_fgr222_24_024:controller:OgSl_Jalousie:blinds_control", config_invert_control="true"}
Number OgSl_JalousieFenster_SensorPower "Jalousie Buero Power [%s]" <Energy> {channel="zwave:fibaro_fgr222_24_024:controller:OgSl_Jalousie:sensor_power"}
Dimmer OgSl_JalousieFenster_Lamella "Jalousie Buero Lamella [%s]" <rollershutter> (gShutterAll_Lamella) {channel="zwave:fibaro_fgr222_24_024:controller:OgSl_Jalousie:blinds_lamella"}

the blind moves, but the “config_invert_control” does not work. i can’t change the direction.

Inverting is an option of the channel not the thing so your syntax is wrong (and no, I don’t know the right syntax myself).
But it’s pointless to insist on configuring this through text as you have to fully configure all (or at least quite some) ZWave parameters of a device anyway to get it to work properly, and for that you have to use the UI anyway.

I would like to run the configuration via the UI, but unfortunately it does not work for me. The shutter can be controlled. The inverting of the channel can be selected, but the saving unfortunately does not work, it always appears an error message.

Does anyone have experience with the problem of saving?

So your real problem is with the UI. You should not have posted that here but in an own thread.
You made this an XY problem by asking about an apparent solution with thing files.

Generally it’s working to use the UI to configure zwave device and channel parameters, of course.
If for you it does not then it is about your specific system, device and/or config so if you want help you need to provide the details.

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