[zwave] unable to use color with rgbcw bulb


I’m doing a last try with my zipato light bulb which still does not work with colors… I’ve been trying to control it for month, hope to find some help :slight_smile:
I’m running Openhab 3.0.1, and the device is this one :

I defined the thing using the binding auto configuration, and I defined a color item linked to this thing.
Description of the issue :

The item is configured as following :
Screenshot from 2021-02-20 23-01-31

I set my z-wave logs to debug and try to change the color, here is the log file :
logcolor.log (51.7 KB)
I tried to understand what happen by using the z-wave log viewer but I could not analyze what is going wrong.
Thank you for your help !

As shown at the top of the community maintained database link you posted, the database entry is incomplete so it has not been exported to the binding.

If you wish to complete the entry here is the database guide.

Thanks for answering. I opened a ticket to update the device, but I don’t understand what do you mean by “not exported to the binding”, as I was able to include it and use it (without colors) and it looks like OH is detecting it.

The user community does that. A small team of volunteers then approves any changes.

I stand corrected. It is exported to the binding. i found it under a different filename than I was expecting.

I am not familiar with HABPanel but openHAB controls Items linked to Thing channels. It does not control Thing channels directly.
Please post any relevant parts of your configuration using cide fences.
How to use code fences - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

Yes, I’m using a color item linked to the color channel of the z-wave thing. I try to define this item :
Color ZipatoBulb48_ColorControl {channel=“zwave:device:37adb6fe20:node48:color_color” }

It seems like the item is working (something is send via the binding when I play with the color control on habpanel) but nothing change on the device… And I’m also able to turn it on/off using this item on Google Assistant after adding metadata, but no colors :frowning:
Also, I updated the database with the missing informations.


I really would like to make it work, thanks in advance for the help !

You said you updated the database. Did you manually install a snapshot version of the binding after the database was exported?

If so, did you delete (NOT exclude from the network) & rediscover the Thing in OH to get the new settings?

My understanding of your last message is that it is not due to a missing definition in the binding.
So I didn’t re-install the binding, but maybe I misunderstood ?

OK you are correct. It is here.

I notice the documentation says the light has 5 color channels. That is unusual and I do not know if the binding can handle that. I am used to seeing either RGB or RGBW. In other words, a maximum of 4 color channels. @chris would be the best one to answer that but I believe he is busy IRL(in real life) right now.

5 channels isn’t too uncommon - you will often see RGB, and WW and CW. The binding will use both the WW and CW to provide a colour temperature channel, and the RGB channels to provide colour. Typically it’s not possible to run the white channels with the colour channels.

I spent the past few days sitting on planes and in a few airports, but am now stuck in a tiny quarantine facility for the next 2 weeks… I’ve got a bunch of stuff to sort through but should be available as we’re not allowed out of our room for at least another day until our latest covid test results are in.

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I definitely wish you well. I assume you are in Kiwi country now.

Thanks Bruce.

Yep - arrived yesterday. All in all it was an “ok” trip - I’ve had worse/longer trips back from the UK to NZ, so can’t complain too much :slight_smile:

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I finally managed to make it work !!! :slight_smile:
I had to ugrade the bulb firmware from 1.5 to 1.7. This was not easy at all but following this tutorial was the key : ZipatoRGBW_firmware_update/ZipatoRGBWupdate.asciidoc at master · toregreb/ZipatoRGBW_firmware_update · GitHub
it’s in french but if anyone need help on the same issue I can try to help. It is quite a weird way to solve it but finally it works… I don’t know why there is no mention on this at all from the supplier.
Thank you for your answers Bruce and Chris !

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