Zwave update requires relinking channels to items

This happens to me periodically. When I get an update for the Zwave binding I have to re-add the Zwave controller (which is no heartache) but then I need to relink the channels to items for each zwave device. I feel I am missing some best practice here.

How do I avoid this? What am I missing?

Thank you in advance.

I can’t answer why you have to readd the Zwave controller. That shouldn’t be the case. But when you do add the controller, you have the option to change the Thing ID. If you set the Thing ID to the same string every time, all your Thing IDs and Channel IDs will keep the same IDs and you don’t need to relink your Items.


All you should need to do is to delete & re-discover your device Things other than the controller to OH. They keep the same thingids
Endpoint channels are set in the binding, initially by importing xml data into the database.

Why to you need to re-add your controller? There is no controller-specific code in the zwave binding. They are all treated the same.

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I should have clarified… the controller shows up in the inbox and I have to click add. Doesn’t happen often and it isn’t a big deal…except for all of the work to relink all of the channels. I’ll try to keep the name of the controller constant so that the items end up with the same names. Thanks!

It shouldn’t show up in the inbox unless the Controller Thing that you’ve previously created was removed or you’ve removed the controller without shutting down OH first and then plugged it back in which will make it show up at a new location.

The controller should not disappear unless you are unplugging it without shutting down OH, the USB connection is intermittent, or perhaps the stick is going bad.