Zwave: using Association Groups and Openhab same time?

Hey there,

I’m using a Z-WAVE Fibaro FGK101 Door/Window Sensor FW 2.5 ( and connected Input IN to my doorbell to get a “smart doorbell” - this works like a charm.
But since doorbells can be very important, I added a few of my zwave light switches directly to the association group for this INPUT. So even with no openhab running, the Sensor sends zwave commands to these Relay Switches -> Light goes on as long as doorbell is pressed and goes off when released.

Problem is: sometimes it’s not cancelling the alarm after doorbell is released - light stays on forever.
On the other hand: if light is on and doorbell is pressed (and released successfully) - light goes of (which is bad at night).

How would you

  • restore the state of light from before doorbell pressed?
  • how to ensure light doesn’t stay on

looking for your input.

Smart direct associations would require the client (doorbell) to track the server (light) side. That does not work. Devices aren’t as smart as OH.
So remove the direct association and let OH handle the bell input. It can track the status and/or reset.
Downside is your OH has to work for the lights to work, but getting OH to run reliably should be your top 1 priority anyway. And the bell will still work even with OH down if you electrically wire it the right way.
I’m using this setup for my smart doorbell, too, and I even don’t have a classic door bell any more.
I make OH blink lights in a couple of rooms plus I make it play MP3 audio instead of ringing the “real” bells. I actually recovered my old CDs from the attic to sample the “Hells Bells” intro :slight_smile:

My guess is that you have the switch type set in a way that does not suit the association.

I think either set parameter 3 to monostable and set the parameter 1 to timeout


Set parameter 3 to bistable even though it is a push button

I can not remember which one worked best and have upgraded to a newer module in that location so the old one is on use elsewhere and has a new configuration.

To which module did you upgrade?

Could you give me a hint how to reset all items to previous state when this happens?
So when I want to blink my lights (some zwave, some hues), how would I save “current config”, flicker lights, reset to previous config?

There’s many possibilities but no simple “save-all”. commands.
Easiest is to store the old states in (local) variables or item.

Just the more recent version. I needed more so moved the older ones to the less used places.

Only advantage is the battery life is a little better I think for the same use but hard to tell.