ZWave - Using Chris Jackson's site for educated buying

Based on information at , are there any ways to tell which devices will perform certain features?

I am looking to get a couple more ZWave devices, and am interested in doing proper research before I buy. In a number of cases, being able to poll a device and get the current levels is as important as being able to set the device in the first place.

Basically, I want to know if OpenHab can figure out:

  1. What type of device is it? I think this site is set up for that.
  2. Does the device allow you to query it for its current state? That is one of the things I am looking for, but don’t think the information in the site can help.

What do you mean by that?
You will always have the current state without the need to query it.
If not, the setup is wrong or maybe there is a possible mismatch in the zwave database which can be fixed easily.

Ah, should have been more specific. From other entries in this forum, it sounds like not all Z-Wave products will report back when their state has been manually set. Particularly, GE was mentioned, of which I have 1.

Use case: I have a porch light that I would like to automate. I want to turn it on just before dusk and off just after dawn, as we have 2 steps leading up to the house that people “forget” about. The light makes them more visible, and has practically eliminate tripping. However, I would like to ensure that light is on if possible.

I can either do something like:

  • write a rule that, every hour when night time, it turns that light on
  • I can have a “should be” state, and check against that if it gets manually turned off

The last one would require having the switch communicate back with the controller, and hence OpenHab, which I am concerned about. Is that specified somehow on either list, or is it assumed? If on the list, is there something I should look for?

Does that help with a use case?

I only have Fibaro switches which are able to do that, sorry, no GE switches, can’t help with that.