Zwave UZB unexplained non existen nodes (online when added)

Hello i have openhabian 3.0.2 installed. I was about to add a new node to my system (originally 40 nodes) when scanning it suddently shows nodes that i have never seen before including the node i was adding that got number 103 (fibaro wall plug). Why has all these ghost (online nodes) suddently appeared.

Only random thought I had: Are you close to neighbors with other zwave networks?

I cant imagine that. I will take my UZB and check it on windows

Have you checked the logs to see what is happening? It’s pretty hard to say - if the controller is reporting these as valid nodes, then the controller could have corrupted memory.

It’s not really possible that neighbours nodes will interfere in this way - not unless the HomeIDs are the same. This is a random 24 bit value, so the odds of this are over 1 in 16 million - even if the neighbours have ZWave, and all these nodes are not already part of their network so somehow decide to join a different network…

This is what i gathered, the one marked in green was the one i added, how the other controller, devices that are on here are beyond me. Will try to remove them

It seem my primary controller has become an secondary controller? Fortunately i have a network backup, forced uzb back to factory default and reloaded from backup. Currently rearranging routes. Hopefully i get it up and running again

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