I am wondering why the information on Z-Wave nodes is stored in 2 places: The xml-Files for each node and the JSON DB. I would like to backup the names given to my nodes when switching to another build. Should I backup and restore the xml-files or the JSON?

Thanks, but as I have OH on windows I cannot follow 1:1. Should I really backup and restore the complete user data directory?

It’s not really stored in 2 places. The XML file stores low level information about the device - this is used so that the binding doesn’t have to download the information from the device each time the binding starts. If this file gets deleted it doesn’t matter - the binding will recreate it next time it starts - it will just be slower to start up.

The JsonDB stores information that OH needs to run - this is different than what is stored in the XML file.

Only the json is required to be backed up.

Thank you for the clarification Chris!