Zwave Z-stick changed name

I have a Zwave Z-stick and openhab on a laptop running Debian and Habian. Originally I had openhab running on a raspberry pi. When I changed from raspi to the laptop, I had to rediscover all my zwave things for some reason and the name of the zstick changed which ment that all chanels and therefor my items had to be adapted.
Last weekend I had to delete and discover all my things too, and now I saw 2 Things representing my z-stick, one active, and one uninitialised and a warning that the usb port is alredy in use.
One Thing was called Serial Zwave stick, the other ZwavePlus USB Dongle.
I deleted both and rediscovered. Only the ZwavePlus Dongle was rediscoverd and was now active.
Therefor I had to delete and rediscover all things again and change the item channel names again:

old: zwave:device:e246413d:node25:switch_binary1
new: zwave:device:512:node25:switch_binary1

So now everything is back to the situation when I had the Pi.
Can anybody explain to me what happened, and why my Z-stick is discovered as two different things?

If you upgraded to 2.4 then this might be worth reading : ZWave binding updates

I think it’s from the new 2.4 binding if I remember correctly, the “ZwavePlus USB Dongle” thing can be safely ignored. As far as the USB stick thing “name”, you can change that upon creation instead of just accepting the randomly created one so you don’t need to worry about updating your items. I named mine “zwave_stick” for example so my item definitions read like zwave:device:zwave_stick:node25:switch_binary1 to use your example

I am in snapshot and updated to 2.4 indeed.
I didn’t know it was allowed to change the zwave-Thing-name/number. Thanks for al your remarks and hints.

Before deleting the old named stick and rediscovering, z-wave response was sluggish. After rediscover with the new name, it’s much more responsive, specially with qubino’s and battery operated thermostats. I thought this would indicate an error in the old things, but it’s probably the improved z-wave binding! Thank you very much Chris!