[zwave] zipato light bulb issue with colors


I’m using Openhabian (2.5.11) , zwave binding 2.5.11, with a zipato light bulb (1st generation) : https://www.nexiahome.com/certified-products/zipato-led-light-bulb-new

I’m using the default control on paperUi which looks like this for me :

Screenshot from 2020-12-18 23-03-16

I can control the Dimmer and Color Temperature channels, it’s working OK. But When I try to use the color control, the color does not change. The light just switch off, here are my channels (I don’t know where is the conf file since I used only PaperUi for the moment. )
Screenshot from 2020-12-18 23-02-33

I set my zwave logs to debug, here is the logs for when I click on the widget color bar :logColor.log (256.9 KB)

Additional thing I verified : I tried to use it with home seer following another tutorial, and I managed to control the colors so the bulb is “working” and I guess I just need to do some adaptations but I don’t find anything even after reading several related topics.
Maybe someone got the same issue or can provide advice on how to debug and fix it ?

(please forgive me for my english)

Thank you !

The Paper Ui is recommended only for administering OH. Use sitemaps and Basic UI or possibly HABPanel for daily operation.Parts of the Paper UI are broken and the original developer has abandoned it.

Thanks for your quick answer. I created a very basic sitemap to control my device :

sitemap test label="My home automation" {
    Frame label="test" {
        Colorpicker item=ZWaveNode043RGBWE27ZWRGBWBulb_ColorControl label="LED Light Color" icon="colorwheel"

And I took new logs :logColor2.log (255.7 KB)

Apparently something has changed :
NODE 43: Converted command ‘5,96,96’ to {WARM_WHITE=0, COLD_WHITE=0, RED=244, GREEN=29, BLUE=9}

But still no colors …

What is your Item configuration? By the way, only unfiltered logs are useful for troubleshooting.

I’m using this (also changed my item name) :

Dimmer RGB_Dimmer “Lamp Brightness[%d %%]” [“Lighting”]
Dimmer RGB_Temperature “White Color Temp[%d %%]” [“Lighting”] {channel=“zwave:device:04ca0044:node43:color_temperature”}
Color RGB_Color “Color Picker” {channel=“zwave:device:04ca0044:node43:color_temperature”}

Sitemap :

`sitemap test label="My home automation" {`
        Frame label="test" {
    	Colorpicker item=RGB_Color label="LED Light Color" icon="colorwheel"

And my logs (do you mean capturing openhab.log ?) : logColor3.log (645.5 KB)

There was a mistake (but still same result …) in my last post

my channel is :
`Color RGB_Color “Color Picker” {channel=“zwave:device:04ca0044:node43:color_color”}

update of the log file : logColor4.log (527.4 KB)

Looking at the database entry, the Color Temperature channel is to adjust the White color temperature.
The Color Control channel is for adjusting the RGB color values.

Yes, but I don’t how to use the channel color. I can control the Color Temperature channel but not the color control channel…

I think that should be

Color RGB_Color “Color Picker” {channel=“zwave:device:04ca0044:node43:color_colot”}

You have 2 Items linked to color_temperature.

Yes I changed as you said but still not working ! :frowning:


up, if anyone knows how I can make it work… thank you !


I’m keeping hope :stuck_out_tongue: