ZWay Binding shows errors when openHab goes catatonic

Occasionally (Sometimes frequently) openHab2 (Especially the snapshots :slight_smile: ) go catatonic. It logs messages, rules (mostly) run, but the REST API just isn’t doing anything.

When this happens the ZWay plugin for openHab logs errors. e.g.

[2017-12-17 10:17:32.226] [I] [core] openHAB item not notified Waterfall_Switch
[2017-12-17 10:17:32.313] [E] [core] Callback execution error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘error’ of undefined
at Function.http.request.error (automation/userModules/OpenHABConnector/index.js:403:107)

Now it’s not zWays fault that the catatonia has been initiated, but it would sure be nice if the plugin handled it a little better (ie. backoff a bit? Because when you have lots of devices you just get an endless stream of callback execution errors against index.js).

Now having the ability to use the callback as a watchdog would be nice too… Perhaps just an easy status that can get queried for whether the openHab connection is up ok, or down (RST received) or catatonic (got a connection but the REST PUT itself is not completing)

Sounds like a great feature request. Please file an issue at the openhab2-addons repo (I think).