1.4 vs 1.5, RPi 4 - First time

I have watched the forums for a while. And it is time for me to put this project in action.

I am about to install OpenHab for the first time. I’ve targeted my platform as a Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB). When I get to it, I will also be implementing a GoControl HUSBZB-1 - but that’s after initial setup.

I noticed 1.5 is up for release. If I start with 1.4, how easy will it be to upgrade or transfer files. Should I install from scratch or the OpenHabian image? I am comfortable with either method. I would like to have the easiest upgrade path with an update so soon. I can wait if that is better. I know I’ll probably get multiple opinions - please provide the reason(s) for your perspective.

Thank you.

You mean 2.5 and 2.4?
2.5M5 (Milestone 5) came out yestersay and there are no major issues as far as the forum has reported so far

You could install openhabian with the testing (Milestone releases) and be on 2.5M5 straight away
2.4 is quite old already and major changes have occured since then

After installing 2.5M5 it will be easy to update to Stable 2.5 or move on and stay on the testing releases.
The milestone releases are always (almost) stable

You mean openHABian or openHAB ?
openHABian updates itself to latest version before proceeding with the install so it does not make a difference which image you use. RPi4 requires 1.5 to work.

Would it be possible to incorporate a letter or something in the versioning to help avoid confusion? We see quite a few posts referring to 1.x that are OpenHABian rather than openHAB versions.

That won’t help if people keep confusing openHAB w/ openHABian.
openHABian already intentionally stays at 1.X right to avoid that (X to more or less match the minor number in openHAB), and it should get better with less and less people to use openHAB 1.X. Which BTW cannot be installed from openHABian menu so you should never encounter that combo.

But some people here are still using OpenHAB 1.x. The key signing thread recently found an issue with somebody still running OpenHAB 1.8.

That IMHO doesn’t justify a change in versioning which would lead to even more confusion as well

You mean like in this post?

That was my bad. I missread something and misunderstood things. I am at the lastest OpenHAB version, but well. Just confused things in the post. :wink: Or I try to go to the lastest OpenHAB to say better.

OK, that narrows it down a little bit. What did you select in openHABian?

Latest stable is 2.4 but is over 10 months old.
Latest Testing, released this week, is 2.5 M5.
Unstable snapshot versions are released nightly.

The plan is for stable 2.5.0 to be released on December 15, 2019.

Thank you all for the clarification regarding OpenHabian versioning vs OpenHab versioning. The primary versioning will most likely be the best indicator. And those with older systems will be much less likely to make such errors.

So with that clarification OpenHabian can allow me to start with the current unstable and transion to the stable branch in December.

The remaining question is - What are the pros and cons of using OpenHabian vs manual installation?

Thank you for your feedback.

Too many to list on everybody to put up this question.
Check the docs: https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/openhabian.html