12v fan speed control

I would like to control 12v fans based on temperature.
Temperature should be the triggered to increasre/decrease fan speed. I belive that it have to be done by changing voltage.
Is there any i.e zwave hardware that can do it?

Fans are not part pc but heating system.
Thanks in advance!


no clue about zwave hardware for controlling.

But… is the fan PWM Controlled or ‘just’ voltage controlled? 2 or 3 wires?

When it’s Voltage Controlled, you can think about a motorized poti or a digital poti, but depends of cause on the current the fan requires.
another possibility (depends on your demands) could be to connect different relays with a different voltage.

Nevertheless, I think you require to think about diy.

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You should be able to use one channel of a Fibaro RGBW controller voltage vise, but check motor current rating…

I have PWM fans
Below fan details:
4,5 ~ 12 VDC/ 0,02A ~ 0,06A/ 0,1W ~ 0,72W

I can have group from 2 to 10 fans

That suddenly makes life a bit easier.

You could look at a ESP01 WiFi device and create an Arduino script that links it to a MQTT broker and set the PWM rate of one or both of the available GPIO pins.

Or keep it really simple and go for a TCP port on it that you send a speed rate to?

ESP32 is a bigger version of a ESP01, you can maybe create a script based on a combination of the following?