completely erased my DS3617xs

Hi, I just installed version spk on a DS3617xs. I selected the third option for the configuration files (I cannot check now what it was) as I had a previous installation there and it completely deleted my Disk. The OS partition I mean. I cannot access even the disk via http or ssh, even after a hard reboot. I will have to contact Synology on how to recover from this.

Please remove this package from the web page until you find out what is causing this.

It is confirmed by Synology support. Installing this package completely damaged my DSM partition.

I recommend that you open up an issue on the project’s github page (along with any additional debug info that you may have and the response from Synology support)

It is unfortunate that you had this problem… I hope that you will be able to recover your DSM partition…

I know that this may sound silly but… the package is marked as WIP and I would never put it on massive production machine (DS3617xs) with my live NAS data…


I did noticed the WIP, but “in my defense” I tried to install the oficial 2.1 when it came out and that broke the installation. I could not go back to 2.0 because it was also broken or it did not wroked after having installed 2.1, so I went to a 2.2 patch 2 WIP which worked. When a saw a newer version (closer to a final release) I installed it because I was not happy being in a beta version and I assumed that patch 6 was closer to a final version than patch 2.

I learned my leason though. I will move to another automation software. openHAB clearly does not put enough interest in the Synology release.


I restored the DSM in my synology and the data was still there. I had to create all the users and setup the disk, but no data was lost.

In my Synology (DS213J) I use the regular openhab installation (snapshot) within chroot.
I think this has 2 advantages

  1. The install process is inline with the main linux openhab installation
  2. Working within chroot adds another level of protection that if anything goes wrong it will not affect outside the chroot.