2.5 upgrade breaks ipx800 and http binding

I have just upgraded my working OH 2.4 to 2.5 and since my ipx800 binding and also http binding did not work
Maybe i have to revert, but just wanted to ask if someone can help me with these bindings or point me to the right direction
(everything else works : zwave and hue)
thanks in advance

2.5 is supposed to be released December 15 2019. What exactly did you upgrade to?

i just launch runtime/bin/update 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT
in order to test it but made a full backup before
i wanted to test it, but ipx800 binding is broken for me… and http binding seems to have changed a lot because all my items with XPATH transformation did not work too

Thanks if you can help

Issues with unstable snapshots need to be opened as issues on GitHub so the developers can deal with them. Many developers do not use this community forum.

Thanks Gaël, i will test it ! thanks a lot !!