2 year old image for openhab/openhabcloud-app:latest


when using the docker-compose file from the openhab-cloud github repo, it starts the image openhab/openhabcloud-app:latest from hub.docker.com.

But this image is about 2 years old.

Do I habe to build my own app-image from dockerfile to get the latest updates?
Why is the app-image on hub.docker.com not being updated?
Or does it download the current version at every new container deployment?

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Could it be that this is the “latest” version? :smiley:

But the latest commit in this repository is about 1 month ago. Not 2 years.

The last release by @digitaldan was 1.0.11 in March 2019. Perhaps the docker image is no longer supported?

That would be really strange… :astonished:

Since I never used openhab-cloud in anyway I can’t tell for sure.

Dan should respond. He did the last release. I notice there are at least 2 containers on Docker but they both looked to be 2 years old.

@digitaldan could you please comment on that problem?

I don’t personally use the Docker containers , and we don’t use them in production, so there’s a good chance they will get out of date without someone who can make sure they are up to date.

I would actually like to use containers for our production deployment, but have not had the time to implement the orchestration part (aka docker swarm, or something similar).

Thanks for the reply.

As there is nowhere documented how the image was build, I couldn’t see which version the docker-image uses. (Perhaps it downloads the current files on every container creation)

The documentation on github says:

The section describes how the openHAB-cloud docker images can be used with docker-compose to spin up the dockerized openhab-cloud backend.

and the compose-file referenced to the official container:

container_name: app
image: openhab/openhabcloud-app:latest

If it is outdated the documentation should mention that someone, who would like to use his own openhab-cloud with docker, should build his own image to get an current version.

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This is your moment! Create a pull request and update the documentation to save other people from this burden.
Please, pretty please. :slight_smile:

Before I can create a pull request I should know, if it is really outdated. And that was all, my question was about.

But after thinking about it and looking at the dockerfile in the gihub repository, I would say it is outdated, because the dockerfile copies the files out of the repo into the image during the build process.
When this dockerfile was also used for creating the image 2 years ago, then the files in the image are 2 years old and there are missing about 33 commits.

@digitaldan posted:

… so there’s a good chance they will get out of date without someone who can make sure they are up to date.

But what is to do, to make sure the docker image is up to date?
Before I create a pull request to update the documentation and say everyone should build his own image, it would be more beautiful to update the image regulary, as done with the normal openHAB image.