openHAB cloud release cycle

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I just stumbled about this thread about the docker image of the openHAB cloud. After a quick look on GitHub I also saw that the last release was in march 2019 as mentioned in this thread.

Since that release in march 2019 some fixes were merged. One of those is PR #256 which might solve a problem concerning delayed notifications which some people are experiencing.

Since I’m personally experiencing this problem I asked myself when the openHAB cloud ( will be updated to fix this problem.

Is there some kind of release cycle when the openHAB cloud will be updated / a new release will be released and deployed?

@digitaldan , since you seem to be one of the main contributors of the openHAB cloud can you please shortly comment on this topic?
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about this elsewhere.

You should be able to clone or pull from the GitHub repository if you need those changes. That is part of the advantage of public GitHub repositories.

That’s right, that is definitely possible.
However, with my question I intended to go in the direction of the official myopenhhab openHAB cloud instance. :slightly_smiling_face: