3rd Party Bluetooth Binding. Beta testers needed

I also already raised the question but no one answered. It is also not understandable for me why this disfunctional binding (for years already) is still listed as one of the number one featured bindings onthe webpage:

The 3rd party binding is great, I am still running OH 2.5 M3 on my Raspis with bluetooth sticks (Bluegiga) to feed my main OH server via MQTT.

I had some problems lately with the plugin that seems to be out of development. I installed the bt gateway script from https://github.com/zewelor/bt-mqtt-gateway on my openhabian and got good results.

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Cool, thank you for sharing the link. Looks promising.

For those that are not aware, there is currently a lot of work being done to fix the official bluetooth bindings. I’ve detailed current progress and expected future developments on my post. You can also download the latest 2.5.x bluetooth snapshot jars to try out if you are using OH 2.5.

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great news!!!i will test the snapshot and give a feedback as soon as i can find the time ,Many thanx.

Hello everyone, I’ve been actively developing this binding for a few years, but had to slow down as priorities have changed in my life. Sorry for that. I was hoping someone could pick up my work and help to maintain the project, but unfortunately nobody did not show any will.

As I understand correctly, apache-commons is no longer included into OH by default hence the binding is not working out of the box. I’ll try to find some time on the weekend to remove the dependency. Unfortunately OH framework does not allow 3rd party bindings to specify dependencies as you would normally do in OSGi so that they automatically get installed.

Let me know if there are some other critical issues that need to be fixed.


my question is why your binding which is being used by so many users ,is a 3rd party binding ,and the official binding ,that is unuseable, is part of the official openhab bindings…???

Good to hear that you are back!
I think the highest priority would be to make the binding functional again on newer OH Releases (>OH2.5.M3).

Thank you very much for your work.
Anyway, great job!

I read the installation guide, how can I do for use with a internal Bluetooth of the raspberry pi 3B+?
Can I install only the 3rd Bluetooth binding or other package?

I created this issue ticket, for the reported problem. I’m having the issue as well:

Really sucks that I spent an entire day trying to get Bluetooth to work with no success. It shouldnt be that hard. I know this thread is only a workaround for the official binding, but I failed trying to get that to work as well… As well as other things too. Sigh. Btw I have Pi4 on openhab 2.5+.

Thanks for any help!

I think @vkolotov is not able to develop it anymore. Has anyone skills to perform needed updates or merge this project with official binding?

So, there is no tinyB bluetooth binding on OH 2.5.5-1 anymore?
Damn it - I just bought another MiFlora (FlowerCare) :frowning:

Am I right, that accessing the MiFLora with thelinux natove bluetooth and python script does not requirie any bluetooth in OH?
Like here:

I don’t own MiFlora sensors, so can’t test myself, but I think you can use MQTT to communicate with them using the native bluetooth integration + python script in daemon mode, as shown in the post linked by @NCO, and also discussed here:

Thanks - I will then look into it as the alternative bluetooth bindings (which used to work perfectly) are not available anymore :frowning:

Actually i found the latest (but old) jar files from @vkolotov, which seems to work fine. :slight_smile:

Finally I will switch over to the mqtt stuff, but I remember that I struggled in the beginning when using owntrack with mqtt.

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Great binding, but it seems nobody can bring it back to life…

Damn I just updated to latest OH without looking into this. Now I am screwed, previously everything was working flawlessly. DAMN!!!

Can you please share the old jar that is working with new version of OH?