433,95 MHz Remote Controlled Rollershutter

Integration of my 433,95 MHz remote controller rollershutter has always been unstable. The integration has been based on relais soldered to an orriginal remote control and custom rules to extrapolate the positions. Finally I found the time to reverse engineer the protocol using a RTL SDR stick. A first solution was using “sendiq” with rpitx. Then I discovered an unused MinuCUL, so the current solution is: MQTT → Python Container → FHEM → SIGNALduino → MiniCUL on a Raspi.

You can find the sources here: GitHub - 8cH9azbsFifZ/schanz-rolladen-raspi: Remote Control 433MHz Schanz Rolladen with Raspi

Other brands in the 433 MHz range should work the same way :wink: