A few questions on status indicators for switches

I’m not looking for code here but suggestions on where to look in the help files.

I boot my system up or do a daily " health check" of my system and everything looks fine. Then find one of my sensors isn’t working when my basement is flooded and the screen says it’s ok. By “health check”, I mean looking at the display menus and checking to see if everything is ok. There may be a way to indicate this on the BUI but for now, that may come later.

I’m guessing there may be a way to post a message on the BUI screen but if not, is there a way to make the switch button turn red and stay that way until the problem is fixed to indicate which sensor to look at?

As an example, I unplugged the power to the sensor board as a test. The BUI stayed in whatever state it was last in. If the sensor/board when bad you would never know it.

New guy still learning. I just got my first switch working with the help on here. I’m trying to build in diagnostics into the sensors as I go. Thank you for any information!!

Give some details on your system .

  1. how are your sensors linked to the system ?
  2. what protocol do you use to comunicate with them ?

Sorry Allen

Rpi 2b+ running OH2, MQTT, wireless esp8266 monitoring the switch/sensor and sending data to the network. Cat5 cable into the Pi.

I’m still working on the enable/switches. (naming issues)

So here is a good working screen. Everything appears to be ok.

Here is what I’m working towards for the screen to look like if one of the sensors goes bad or possibly if the network goes down. Again future plans to have an indicator on the BUI.

Is that what you needed?


You can have a look at this:

That monitors if sensors are alive

Then you can change the colour of the text in the BasicUI according to the state of an item

Thanks Vince

I have been reading through the online docs trying to understand how to make changes to what I have copied from the web. Now that I have it working, I’m starting to look at how to change the naming conventions to fit my needs and still have it work!!


I was a beginner and is still. As vincent told me in my first post.
Goodluck break stuff and learn.
We are all here and have deferent setups and ways we do things. But the foundation of how all things come together is the same. Read the prescribed info. And ask if you need help. Will help when and where we can. Have fun.

Read the design patterns for good practice around the naming conventions