About the Beginners category

Ask your questions of the first hour here. Please also read the “About the Beginnners category” article to find some helpful hints.

Before Posting

  • Read the openHAB 2 documentation. Most beginner problems originate out of an incomplete understanding of the openHAB basics described there.
  • Search the forum for similar problems or for Tutorials & Examples that address a similar issue.
  • Check the logs for errors. The logging functionality of openHAB is described here
  • Include the relevant configuration parts of your configuration files (items, rules, sitemap, services, …) when dealing with textual configuration files. Use screenshots or description when using UI based configurations.
  • Be sure to use one of the openHAB supporting editors, like the Eclipse SmartHome Designer or the Visual Studio Code openHAB extension. Load your configuration files into SmartHome Designer, to check the syntax errors of your configurations before posting.
  • When posting, please use code fences for the various code or log snippets you want to post. (Check the toolbar buttons above the editing pane).
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