ABUS Z-Wave Doorlock HomeTec Pro CFA3010

Hi to the community,

does someone know if the ABUS Z-Wave Doorlock HomeTec Pro CFA3010 can be integrated into openhab2 (currently openhab 2.4 on my RaspberryPi 4).

Thanks for help.

Here is the device list for ZWave:

I didn’t see the door lock but maybe @chris can add this or give advice.

Actually if you have the device, you can either add it yourself or provide information from openHAB to assist somebody here in adding it.
Here is the database guide.

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Hi Bruce,
thanks for info. I’d like to try to add it by myself, but I find it very complicated to edit an xml-file. Furthermore I can’t find the folder “{userdata}/zwave” on my Raspberry where I assume to find the file which was generated after including the “ABUS Z-Wave Doorlock HomeTec Pro CFA3010” to edit it.
Is there an alternative way to add a device to the database instead of editing an xml-file? May be a kind of online editor?

Many times the userdata folder is /var/lib/openhab2 but that can vary depending on how OH was installed. So the xml file should be in /var/lib/openhab2/zwave and have the node number in the filename.

Thanks, Bruce. I found the folder and will see if I can edit the file :grinning:

No need to edit it. Post it here so we can update the database. The device told openHAB its information and OH stores it in that file.

I don’t think its complete because there were less command classes than listed in the “Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement” document (see first attachment). So I added them in the xml-file (see second attachment) in the section “nodeInformationFrame”. But after that I didn’t know how to add the endpoint information.
And there are no information in the file concerning the parameters described in the Z-Wave document ABUECFA3010S where the settings/prefererences a stored.

ZWave-Zertifikat_ABUS_HomeTec_CFA3010.pdf (41.9 KB)
ABUS_Z-Wave_HomeTec_Pro_CFA3010_Doorlock.xml (3.6 KB)

Just post it … or do the database change yourself (never ever use an edited xml for that!)

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Very likely your particular device does not support the others then.
I have 3 of the same model of motion sensor. One has a temperature sensor and the other 2 do not. They point to the same zwave database entry.

hm But in the certification document I attached the classes are listed which the device supports… And if the other classes are not supprted the device is useless for me.
And in the document ABUECFA3010S it’s said that it is mandatory to have a controller which supports the S2 security. And my controller supports this because all other Z-Wave devices I own are included securely.

Security is not supported by the controller - it is handled in the binding. The binding does not support S2, but S2 will fall back to using S0 for backward compatibility. You will therefore be using S0 - not S2.

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Hi chris!
Oh, and I thought the S2 security is supported. Then I have to include the door look manually in S0 security because according to the manual it includes only in S2 automatically.
Maybe then I have more information in the xml file.

By the way: Is there an intention to implement S2 security?

Thx, but maybe for other users in this forum. :bomb:

Yes, but probably later in the year. It’s very complex, and I’m in discussions with Silabs about their changes that are coming up which will hopefully help me quite significantly.

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Thanks for this info! I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:
Meanwhile I’ll try to get my door lock working :slight_smile:

By the way: is there a thread concerning S2 security implementation which I can subscribe to?

There have been some discussions, and there is an open issue on github, but really these don’t say much and aren’t really applicable. In the longer term (lets say in the frame of this year) I plan to largely rewrite the binding to resolve a number of issues, and work toward a system that can be certified. I’m also in discussion with Silabs about the best way to incorporate this given they are working toward changes in ZWave in general, and the product lines will significantly change later this year.

Hi Chris,
sounds good!
If you need some help:
I only know how to program jetfighter planes in assembler. But programming is programming, and a pogramming language can be learned :grinning:

Chris programs European satellites. You have something in common.