Adding new channels to binding

After updating a binding to create new channels, and redeploying the binding… the new channels don’t appear in the UI, and I can’t use them in existing items.

The new channels will appear on newly-created things, and they work fine if I stop openhab and add them manually to the jsondb file, but that’s not ideal.

Is there any way to force refresh the list of channels, without deleting and recreating the things?

Not currently. There’s an issue open for this, but the solution didn’t make it into 3.0 as it’s a quite involved bit of work to fix it.

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Thank you both. Follow-up question: for testing, is it possible to script all of the thing creation steps using ssh commands? I’m still working on the powermax binding, and after updating the binding, I need to:

  1. Delete all existing zone things and the bridge thing
  2. Create a new bridge thing, giving it a uid, label, and some config parameters
  3. Create all of my zone things (either manually or from the inbox)

It looks easy enough to do #1, and #3 using inbox approve, but I can’t figure out how to create the bridge and supply its configuration from the console.

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