Adding new item to an existing persisted group; won't persist

I am using the latest openhab2 stable, i noticed the following a couple of times:

  1. create a couple of items, assign them to a group.
  2. persist the group instead of items (i.e GroupName*)
  3. rrd4j starts persisting that group.
  4. add a new item, set some value to it, then add it to the group (you’ll expect it persists).
  5. restart openhab, the item value is null.

has anyone experienced this ?

I’m on a SNAPSHOT build but I have noticed the same issue. I’m trying to figure out how to resolve it right now myself.

Restart OH and it will work. There is a bug in the stable version 2.0 that groups are not refreshed. Only after restart of OH.

Is this bug reported?

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I have not found an issue raised against smarthome

I can verify that restarting works.

So what you have to do is:

  • Add Items to the group
  • Restart OpenHAB
  • Give the items a value (i.e. send command, post update)
  • Restart OpenHAB

At that point you should notice that it persisted the value.