Addon installation issue

Hello All

I have OH 2.5 installed on Synology Diskstation, it already works fine with my Xiaomi devices.
Now I need to install this Addon

So I put jar file to addon folder and gave the restart to Diskstation but nothing happened. I still don’t have option to add such thing under PaperUI.

Any suggestions how I add it to my OH setup?


Inbox doesn’t have this binding:

When adding manually jar’s to addons folder, a restart of openhab is required.

Hello Remo,

thanks for the input! Sorry I didn’t mention that, I tried to restart it with no luck.


Is that new for 2.5? It used to automatically load if I recall correctly.

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As per my investigation the issue was caused by missing ‘addons’ folder during OH installation. Installer UI was clearly requesting to create this folder prior installation, what I missed.
After the proper OH reinstallation this is fixed.

Sorry, may you provide more details how did you solved it?