Ademco Vista with Eyez-On-EVL3 Can it be connected to OpenHab

Hi Everyone,

I am needing some direction. I am new to OpenHab and I am in need of direction and help. I am above the average person when it comes to tech but I am not really a coder. Having said this let me post my first question.

I have an Envisalink Eyez-on-Evl3 connected to an Ademco Vista.

*Is there a way to connect to it with Openhab.

*Any binding out there?

*Can the DSC binding work somehow??

Any help will me much appreciated.

The Ademco uses a different protocol than the DSC, so it wouldn’t be a simple translation of the DSC Binding to become an Ademco one … even when they’re running the same physical adapter (EVL3, EVL4, etc)

This might be an option though, but it’s using a different adapter:

Depending upon the capability of the specific Alarm Panel, it may be possible to run both adapters at the same time.

Roping in @Bernd_Pfrommer to comment more specifically on the AD Binding’s applicability.

I use the alarmdecoder to raspberry pi hardware to link my vista 20p into
openhab via the alarmdecoder binding. Works well for me.
I didn’t see any alternatives back then. Curious to hear if you do.