Aeon Home Energy Monitor threshold and percent change data not reporting


I have an Aeon Home Energy Monitor DSB09 that is not sending threshold and percent change updates. I’ve read every post about this HEM and other versions. Some people have found workarounds. It might be a command class issue per

[[SOLVED] Home Energy Meter HEM G3 AEON Labs GEN5 ZW095 do not report automatically]([SOLVED] Home Energy Meter HEM G3 AEON Labs GEN5 ZW095 do not report automatically

I updated the firmware to the latest from Aeotech.
I tried using the Zensys tool to change command class NodeID to 01 for all three Grouping identifiers (01,02,03). I do get reporting from Group 1 on a specified periodic basis. But, the threshold and percent change reporting is not working. It only sends data from clamp 1 and clamp 2 when I reinitialize the device.

I appreciate any advice.

Read the binding documentation, collect (unfiltered) DEBUG logs as stated there & see if the device is actually sending what you wish to receive.

Thanks Bruce,

I turned on DEBUG for the zwave binding in Karaf. Reinitializing the device I see all the channels, they just do not send data. I was getting some data on a group channel from the config, but I stopped getting that when I did a factory reset. Is there specific logs I need to try to get?

NodeLog.txt (7.4 KB)