Aeotec 6in1 Zwave Sensor reporting incorrect temperature

I have a Aeotec 6 in 1 sensor setup but it reports incorrect temperature reading.

It reports back a temperature value but it is not right compared to a manual thermometer .

My item is set as :

Number Temperature "Temperature: [%.1f °C]" (baby_room) { zwave="2:command=SENSOR_MULTILEVEL,sensor_type=1,sensor_scale=0,refresh_interval=30" }

Is there any calibration required?

I don’t have an answer for you but it reminded me of a quote I heard on a podcast that I can’t find (I think it was RadioLab). If you have one thermometer you know the temperature. If you have two thermometers you have confusion.

How far apart are the readings? How far apart are the thermometers?

In my son’s room, through pure accident, we have three thermometers scattered around the room (none are smart or report anything to openHAB but all three do have a display so I can see their readings). It is not unusual for them to be up to 3 degrees C different from each other. Part of that is caused by the fact that those different parts of the room could very well be different temps. But a lot is also that measuring temperature is just not that precise and usually close is good enough.

My FGMS-001 has a parameter (66) temperature offset. Can you check your device parameters in HABmin?

The readings are about 5 degrees apart.

I placed the manual thermometer next to the Aeotec sensor to make a fair comparison.

Aeotec 6in1 : 25 degrees c
Manual Thermometer : 21 degrees c

@rlkoshak I am tempted to adjust/offset the reading in my rule to make it right, what do you think?

@watou I will look for that offset.

Looking at the Z-Wave database, it seems like you have a calibration parameter. You should be able to set it in HABmin to -40 less than its current value to have the sensor agree with your manual thermometer, assuming the manual thermometer is your definition of accuracy. :slight_smile: Not that it will take some time for the parameter change to take effect.

			<Label lang="en">Temperature Calibration</Label>
			<Help lang="en"><![CDATA[ The range of calibration value is -100 to 100 (or -10.0 to +10.0 degrees).<br>
The value contains one decimal point. E.g. if the value is set to 20, the<br>
calibration value is 2.0 ? (EU/AU version) or 2.0 ? (US version).<br>
The calibration value = standard value - measure value.<br>
Example: if measured value = 25.3? and the standard value = 23.2?, then<br>
calibration value= 23.2? - 25.3? = -2.1? (0xEB).]]></Help>
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@watou Thank you i’ll try that later on this evening

Do you happen to know about the vibration reading on Aeotec 6in1, or do you know of a way to manually tap into a reading from the sensor via configuration in Habmin ?

Sorry, no; I don’t have the device, but there are several discussions here that might already have information.

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Thank you

It is the possible to configure the sensor so it reports the sensor value automatically.
You should try that instead of polling the sensor value. Maybe this has an effect.