Aeotec Siren Gen5

OK. I can acknowledge this.
I have also an OpenHab 2.2 installed, which showed the same problem.
I didn’t want to uprgade the whole system right now, but just tried a newer version of the Z-Wave binding. With the current version 2.4, the UI is fixed.

Did you get this working ok in the end. I am wanting to trigger the siren to alert me that a door has been opened. Readiing your posts it would be nice to have it also act as an alarm at night with maybe a different tone ?

If you did get it working and there are any special setup instructions it would be good. I have the same make z-wave usb stick on a Pi and a door sensor from them as well. Its all working - just need some form of audible alarm.

Not really. With openHAB 2.4 the UI was working.
But I was not able to get the sound or volume changed.
And even worse: whenever I apply new settings via PaperUI, the siren starts howling…
Right now I can live with the current situation that I can trigger the siren on and off via openHAB. But it would be really nice to get the setting of sound and volume also running

Why doesn’t this work? If you can provide some more information, then maybe we can take a look.

Also, just to be clear, what model number do you have?

I have two Aeotec Gen5, Model ZW080-C15 which I bought as „DSD 31“ (although this latter name is not written at the device)

Both devices where detected as „DSD 31“ by openHAB after adding the z-wave-Stick to PaperUI
As z-Wave controller I use the USB Gen5 ZWave stick of Aeotec. But I could also try another one if that might be the reason…

I would like to provide you all information that may help you, if you tell me what exactly you need (and where I could extract that particular information from).

Apart from that, debugging the potential error source by my own is kind of a little bit complicated. I actally have only time in the late evening or at night to work on my house automation. And as I Said in my last post: whenever I apply settings to the siren via paper UI, the device starts howling, which is not very funny for my wife, my children and our beighbours…

What is the device type, device id, and manufacturer that is shown in HABmin or PaperUI?

Can you provide a log of what you are sending? It sounds like it might not be an issue with the binding, but the data that you are sending.

I would be interested in getting one of these if it could be configured properly.

I don’t believe that the issue is with the binding, but is probably related to the value that is being sent.

Sorry for the delay.
The siren is discovered as a “DSD31 Outlet Plugable Siren” and has the following properties in PaperUI:

Property Value
zwave_class_basic ROUTING_SLAVE
zwave_class_generic BINARY_SWITCH
zwave_frequent false
zwave_neighbours 1
modelId DSD31
zwave_version 3.26
zwave_listening true
zwave_plus_devicetype SIREN
manufacturerId 0086
manufacturerRef 0004:0050
dbReference 86
zwave_deviceid 80
zwave_nodeid 2
vendor AEON Labs
defaultAssociations 1
zwave_routing true
zwave_beaming true
zwave_class_specific SIREN_SWITCH_BINARY
zwave_manufacturer 134
zwave_devicetype 4

This doesn’t have the configuration channel to set the volume and sound - I’ve just added it.

Oh, this was really quick!
Is there a way to test the changes directly?
Or is it necessary to wait for the next release of zwave-binding?
If I remember it correctly, the database file cannot be exchanged by its own, right?

Correct - the database is embedded in the binding, so you will need to wait until I update the binding. I will try and do an update tomorrow.

Was this updated?

The post you reference is 2 months old - the binding gets updated a few times a week, so it will have been updated.

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I can confirm that the update, Chris made on the database w.r.t. Aeotec Siren Gen5, was at least in that way successfull, that I can use the “save” button in PaperUI again and the siren is not starting to howl anymore.

Unfortunately I didn’t test to programmatically change the siren volume or sound.
However, I’m confident that this should be working now.

can someone point me to the documentation for that thing configuration please?
there is a channel for volume and sound that points to parameter 37 to be set in a decimal number.

parameter 37:

so there must be a conversion from a decimal number to Siren Sound x and Siren Volume y.

I then changed the Sound Type in PaperUI to see what the value changes for the item:

Siren_Sound_vol changed from 257 to 258 when changing from Siren Sound 1 to Siren Sound 2
unfortunately the sound type doesn`t change.
I also changed the Volume from 88db to 100db and 105db and the volume stays the same but the sound type changes from a fast beep to slow beep and a permanent tone.

See the PDF that I have linked in this thread.

Hex / Decimal
0x25 (37)

1, The value1 (High Byte) is used to select the Siren sound : Value1=0, do not change the current Siren sound. Value1=1, Siren sound 1 is selected.
Value1=2, Siren sound 2 is selected.
Value1=3, Siren sound 3 is selected. Value1=4, Siren sound 4 is selected. Value1=5, Siren sound 5 is selected. Other values will be ignored.
2, The value2 (Low Byte) is used to adjust the volume: Value2=0, do not change the current volume. Value2=1, set the volume to 88 dB.
Value2=2, set the volume to 100 dB.
Value2=3, set the volume to 105 dB. Other values will be ignored.

Default Value
Value1 = 1. Value2 = 3.


So if you leave the high Byte or low byte 0, you indicate that Attribute should stay unchanged.
maybe, you could try to set the values separately?

As I mentioned in my post from November '18, the “broken save” issue in PaperUI was fixed and I was able to switch the siren on and off via its “switch_binary” channel.

Update: Last weekend, I finally tested changing sound and volume via PaperUI. However, I could not use the two separate settings “37: Siren Sound” + “37: Siren Volume”, but had to use the combined “37: Sirensound and Volume” field. (see red vs. green circles in attached figure).

I’ll test it again with Habmin tomorrow.

What I noticed, though, is that whenever I update this device configuration parameter (sound/volume) and press the apply button, the siren starts to howl and I have to push the switch button to off.

Also, the item provides a channel “config_decimal_param37”, but this channel cannot be queried nor set…

EDIT: Sorry, the last statement was incorrect. I’ve used a wrong format in my items definition.
The named channel could be queried.

By the way it wasn’t immediately obvious to me which values to use for the “Siren and Volume” channel. So I thought I would share what I ended up with in the hope it saves some searching for someone else. I use Python so I created a file automation/lib/python/personal/ containing:

class AeotecSirenConst:
    """Aeotec Siren Constants"""

    FastBip_88dB = "257"            # sound1 88dB
    SlowBip_88dB = "513"            # sound2 88dB
    Continous_88dB = "769"          # sound3 88dB
    SlowMultiTone_88dB = "1025"     # sound4 88dB
    FastMultiTone_88dB = "1281"     # sound5 88dB

    FastBip_100dB = "258"            # sound1 100dB
    SlowBip_100dB = "514"            # sound2 100dB
    Continous_100dB = "770"          # sound3 100dB
    SlowMultiTone_100dB = "1026"     # sound4 100dB
    FastMultiTone_100dB = "1282"     # sound5 100dB

    FastBip_105dB = "259"            # sound1 105dB
    SlowBip_105dB = "515"            # sound2 105dB
    Continous_105dB = "771"          # sound3 105dB
    SlowMultiTone_105dB = "1027"     # sound4 105dB
    FastMultiTone_105dB = "1283"     # sound5 105dB

Then you can make the alarm emit the sound you want at the volume you want with something as:

from personal.constants import AeotecSirenConst
events.sendCommand("SirenAeotecSirenAndVolume", AeotecSirenConst.FastMultiTone_88dB)
events.sendCommand("SirenAeotecSwitchBinary", "OFF")

I hope this helps.