Aeotec WallMote - Slide

I have buy an Aeotec WallMote and all work fine and is a very cool device. Only the “slide” don’t work.
Does everyone know how I get also the slide to work?

See this post, it is not supported yet but @chris has a plan for it [quote=“chris, post:17, topic:22898, full:true”]
It will be added in future - there’s no reason that OH can’t support it.

Sorry - I’ve been a bit busy with a few other issues over the past little while. I will try and take a look at this in the next week or so.

Can someone open an issue and post some logs of the received data. I actually have these devices so can test this, but if we get the issue raised with some logs I can look at it while I’m away…

What for a kind of logfiles and after what for actions do you need?

Don’t worry for now - I took a look at this yesterday but I need to have a think about how to handle this sort of input. I want to take a look to see if I can use the UpDown type as a state rather than as a command. If this isn’t possible then it might be difficult to implement within the OH concept at this time.

Thanks very mutch for your work.

Unfortunately I’m now stuck. Currently OH/ESH doesn’t have a state to indicate that something is moving (ie increase/decrease). I proposed to add this but it was rejected… I’m open to other suggestions - we could maybe use a number eg - 0 = decreasing, 50 = stopped, 100 = increasing, but it seems a bit of a bodge :frowning: .

Yes. When I have for each button an separate item with this number, fo me is perfect. The rest I can do with rules.
Or an other solution is an item for each button with 1=click, 2=longclick, 3= decreasing, 4=increasing.

I certainly won’t be mixing up clicks (long or short) and increasing / decreasing (and I guess you also want stopped :wink: )- these will need to be separate channels. The clicks should also work now…

For me doesn’t matter are this one oder separatly items. The clicks works, thats correct and I have also 4 others items but without any changes.

Hi, what is the state for this task?

The issue is open here -:

Currently not started.

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Hi @chris, Could you implement a multilevel states of wallmote? I need this. It seems that, you could trigger an event to represent just increasing or decreasing in rules.

There is no update yet?

Correct - you can keep an eye on the issue tracker to see this.


It’s too bad not seeing any progress on this feature. ZW130 is not a cheap device and it could be cool (to say the least) to be able to use all of its features in OH.
What can be done to help the slide support to progress?

Is there any news?

The issue is open here -:

But I don’t see any prograss on this Issue. Can you made an estimation, when this issue is solved?