Aeotec Z-Wave Stick Gen 5 not working with BE469 Schlage Lock

I’ve been attempting to include my locks with the aeotec zwave stick, and have been unable to do so successfully. Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Replaced batteries on locks
  • Hard reset Z-Wave Stick
  • Put stick into exclusion, enter user code (and 0), and successfully excluded lock (with checkmark)
  • Put stick into inclusion, enter user code (and 0), and unsuccessfully included lock.

I know that it is unsuccessful as the light blue light on the stick will briefly become solid, and return back to normal. Once this happened, the lock continued to flash orange, until eventually the blue light on the stick turned off, and a red x appeared on the lock.

I’m guessing that you’re using the button on the USB stick to exclude and include. You should start inclusion from openHAB so that your lock is included securely (which requires the network security key in openHAB).

Also, locks can be finicky for inclusion. I had to have my lock within a few feet of my Z-Wave controller for it to include properly. However, that was a few years ago and I suspect that they’ve improved since then.

In addition to what Russ said: you want to ensure the “Secure Inclusion Mode” is set correctly (tick the “Show advanced” box in the ZWave controller thing to see it):

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How would I do that? Would I keep the controller in the Pi then just scan with the binding while putting the lock into inclusion?

Yes, as stated in the Z-Wave documentation.

Alright thank you! It’s working perfectly now. There is however a slight problem, sometimes it will register the same device as two separate nodes, is there a way of fixing that or do I just choose the one with the smallest number??

What do you mean by “sometimes”? As far as I’m aware, it should not be possible for a single Z-Wave device to be included twice and for both instances to be online at the same time.

However, it’s possible that you didn’t fully exclude it from the controller, which left the previous node behind. I assume this is what happened.

If you add both discovered devices as things, I expect that one of them will be OFFLINE. Do not try to exclude it, as that will just remove your working node. You can instead use Z-Wave PC Controller in Simplicity Studio (previously known as Zensys Tools) to remove the dead node. I haven’t done this myself, but others have.

After you get it working, you may be interested in this:

Yep, that was my next course of action! Now that I’ve implemented that, is there a way to add user codes via an input item of sorts? My end goal is to connect it to google home, so even if there is a way of doing that, is there a way of getting an input item on the Google Home app itself?

Also, are you able to provide a new updated version of the rules file? I’m having a bit of trouble implementing it on the UI based openHAB.

I recall someone talking about that, but you’ll have to search for it. I can’t remember if it’s possible or not.

No, that’s beyond the capabilities of Google Assistant. Moreover, you don’t really want someone to be able to say, “hey Google, change the code to my front door.”

No, I haven’t transitioned to using UI rules. Just insert the body (everything between then and end) into a Rules DSL script action and set up the trigger.

Maybe this would help?