Aeotec ZWA-009 unknown after upgrade to OpenHAB 4


It’s been a long wait to get the Aeotec Tiny Sensor in the z-wave devices database (ZWA-009) and now after upgrade to OpenHAB 4, the device is again unknown. I got warnings in the log file : “Could not normalize configuration for ‘zwave:aeotec_zwa009_00_000:…’ because the thing type was not found in registry.”

Why the database of the Z-wave binding is not up-to-date ? This product has been on the market for a while now.

Anybody has a workaround ?


Nobody requested the device before ?

Looking to the database OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database it looks like it would be in the database already. On the other hand you only provided a subset of the product information ( ZWA-009 ) and not the complete type information like stored in the database for the product:

It could be that a new id is required.

Edit the database entry so that the product is added.

Thank you for your answer.

It has already been discussed on this forum in 2021 already. (example post : Aeotec ZWA-009 in DB but still unknown)

It’s in the database, but it seems not in the Binding. My device is declared with “aeotec_zwa009_00_000”. It was not working in OpenHAB 2 and in first releases of OpenHAB 3 (I don’t remember the exact release version which integrate the device ZWA-009).

With upgrade to the OpenHAB 4, I have the warnings again. I can’t imagine I am the only one who using this device. Aeotec is a common z-wave brand.


Looking into the jar file as far as I can see the ZWA009 is included in the binding as it is defined in the database:

  <property name="vendor">Aeotec Limited</property>
  <property name="modelId">ZWA009</property>
  <property name="manufacturerId">0371</property>
  <property name="manufacturerRef">0002:0009,0102:0009,0202:0009</property>
  <property name="versionMin">1.0</property>
  <property name="versionMax">1.255</property>
  <property name="dbReference">1336</property>
  <property name="defaultAssociations">1</property>

My thesis would be that your device deviates from the three versions defined in the database.

On this page, there is no ZWA009, so I don’t know which string to use to declare it in my zwave config file.

Once again, this device works perfectly (= no warnings) before upgrading to OpenHAB 4.

This is likely the problem. It sounds like you have configured this textually and not with UI discovery.
Regardless, there was a discussion earlier in the year as there is also a ZWA039 with the same numbers, so the solution was to separate the devices based on version. Try aeotec_zwa009_01_000 if version 1 or aeotec_zwa039_02_000 if version 2. If using UI this should have been automatic.

Lastly there is a disconnect with the doc file you referenced. An issue has been posted on github, but not yet addressed.

Just for reference: Two brand new Aeotec Z-Wave devices to add to the database - #22 by Ap15e

To me, it looks like ZWA009 11.0-? (or 12.0-?) is missing in the Z-Wave database (cf. Two brand new Aeotec Z-Wave devices to add to the database - #29 by chris).

I’m not sure whether @MaisOui is hit by this problem, though.

Could you please post the firmware version of your device?

Thank you for your help.

@apella12 It seems using “aeotec_zwa009_01_000” in the config file was the trick. It’s difficult for me to determine if version is 1 or 2.

@anon71759204 I don’t know where to find the firmware version of the device.

No more warning in the log file. Thank you once again.


<applicationVersion>1.5</applicationVersion> in file .../openhab/zwave/node...xml

Thank you for the information. Below the version from the file:



So we are still waiting for a ZWA009 in the wild with firmware >= 11 (or 12?). :slight_smile:

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