After 2.3 Update most things gone

Hi guys,
I have openhabian on raspbpi standard setup
My things are maintained via PaperUI, my items in config files (using VC)
All was fine, did backup before 2.3 update

After 2.3 update PaperUI has only very few remaining Things in the config section, all other Things (e.g., Hue and Xiaomi things) show up in the Inbox with the names that they are advertised with (I did alter all thing names before to fit my naming scheme). When I want to add a thing I just get a 404-message.

I cleared cache as advised in Clear the Cache to no avail

Please advise/help/SOS!

Thanks in advance!!


When the my Homematic devices got lost twice a few days apart, i decided to put the things in files. I also did quite some renaming and location setting, so, this is a bunch of work to do so with PaperUI. Moving them to files is easy and a one time task. after that you are safe.

Here is part of my hue.things file (anonymized, you get the idea. You can get the lightIds from your hue app, the types from the hue docs):

Bridge hue:bridge:<bridgeId> [ ipAddress="xx.xx.xx.xx", userName = "<userName>" ] { 
    0010 17 "<devicename1>" @ "<location1>" [ lightId="17"]
    0010 46 "<devicename2>" @ "<location2>" [ lightId="46" ]
    0010 38 "<devicename3>" @ "<location3>" [ lightId="38" ]

thank you, Joachim, I might do that, but I’d rather know what is going wrong first. anyone else there that can help?

It is for sure the best approach, to find the reason of the problems.
Go back to your backup and try to reproduce the problem.

In my case i wasn’t able to find a clear reason. But i did never look back. I enjoy having full control of my things with a simple file. I even do not use any bindings which do not support file based things anymore.

In this case, the info are stored in the jsonDB.
Check folder /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/ for files with *.json extension.
There is also a backup folder there.

I’m 85% convinced that I’ll transit to things files, however the eclipse project is all about frontend, that’s where openHAB is headed. Thus I’d really like to know why the jsondb way is unreliable, especially after a new release.
Maybe @rlkoshak has a grasp on what is going wrong?

I can’t say. I’ve found jsondb to be rock solid for me. I run in Docker so pretty much every time I bring up a new container I’m performing an upgrade. I wonder if there is something specific to that binding.

And as dim mentions, there are automatic backups constantly being made of the DB so recovery shouldn’t be a problem.

Most of the time when I see this sort of error after a restart clear the cache like sihui linked to cares up the problem, meaning the problem isn’t worth jsondb but elsewhere

did you ever find out how you could readd those devices…
I cleared cache, tmp … multiple times … however I can not readd 2 devices which I just deleted to reinitialise those zwave devices again when readding them… Did this 1000 times before…

this time … they sit in the Inbox and there is no way to add them … only info I get is the 404 on paperui

Every time I restart OH 2.3 I get a chance that 90% of my paper added items disappear. I can see the json file looks like they have them all in, and a diff with the backup file shows no change. When you try add them back via Paper UI it says item linked but nothing happens. Strangely I was able to fully recover them after putting the logging into trace and restarting (typical)… possibly it slows the boot process?

This issue doesn’t seem to impact loads of other users possibly as they are using config files from back in the OH1 days, so I will do the same, as it seems more reliable.

PS Since moving to the testing release, (2.4.0.M3) my debug trick no long works… so my hand if forced, however I don’t mind as one of the down sides of the paper item linking is that you cannot edit the name.