After Upgrade to OpenHAB 2.4 some Hue emulated devices do not react


I have a Little Problem after upgrading openHAB to Version 2.4. I had Hue Emulation running with openHAB 2.3 and was able to publish some “virtual” devices that trigger rules. For example I have a device called “Alle Geräte” (german for “all devices”) that triggers a rule to switch off all devices (Amplifier, TV, XBOX, Bulbs etc) in my Living room. That worked without any Problems.

Now, after the upgrade to openHAB 2.4, Alexa is not able to trigger this device any more. It is still possible to use other virtual devices like XBOX or TV but not “Alle Geräte”. I already changed the items from Hue type “Switchable” to “Lighting” but that does not solve the Problem. My original items file is this

// Virtual devices (Alexa). Most of them are used in rules
Switch AlleGeraete_Alexa                "Alle Geräte"               [ "Switchable" ]
Switch FernseherLG_Alexa                "Fernseher"                 [ "Switchable" ]
Switch XboxOne_Alexa                    "Xbox"                      [ "Switchable" ]
Switch KinoUmgebung_Alexa               "Kino"                      [ "Switchable" ]
Switch DenonTon_Alexa                   "Ton"                       [ "Switchable" ]
Dimmer DenonLautstaerke_Alexa           "Verstaerker"               [ "Lighting" ]
Switch LieseLotte_Alexa                 "Staubsauger"               [ "Switchable" ]
Dimmer LieseLotte_Saugleistung_Alexa    "Saugleistung"              [ "Lighting" ]

Does anybody have a similar Problem or a solution?



Does Alexa discover the devices? (Alexa does not respond with “You have no device called Alle Geräte” or “Alle Geräte is not responding”)

If so, do they appear to function from Alexa side (except that your rules do not fire?) She responds “OK” when you ask Alexa to turn them on or off?

Could you check if the problem affects both turning on or turning off? (if on doesn’t work, try “off” then “on”). What is the normal state of the AlleGeraete_Alexa item?

Could this be related?

Hi Nicolai,

thank you for the quick answer! Yes, Alexa recognizes the devices and confirms the command. The devices appear on the Alexa website and in the app with the correct type (switchable, lighting etc) and I can trigger all actions via the Alexa app.

I have the impression that it works better if I switch on the device first (even if there is no action associated with it) and then switch it off. I need to run some tests to check it out.

Maybe it’s just a problem with the speech recognition or the echo infrastructure and no problem at all with openHAB.




I have done some tests yesterday and today and it looks like openHAB has problems with it if the condition of the device is not clear.

For example, if I want to turn on my Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and say “Alexa, turn on the vacuum cleaner” it won’t work. Only when I say “Alexa, switch off the vacuum cleaner” and then “Alexa, switch on the vacuum cleaner” the command is recognized and the vacuum cleaner is switched on.



Then i guess you have the same problem I reported (Commands are not executed if OpenHab for some reason is out of sync with the state of an item).
A fix for this is merged in master: