AirCondition Controller

Inspired by the great heating Widget by @Nico_R (Heating widget), I decided to adopt this to control my Intesis Air Condition Controllers


Version 0.1

  • initial release



Very good looking widget, I need to try this!

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You even took into account the window state… this is awesome!

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That looks great, is there a tutorial on how to install this add-on?

What tutorial are you looking for ?
It is instaaled through the marketplace in MainUI, like any other community widget.

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Good morning (o;

Will there be an update to this UI widget?

When installed on a fresh 3.3 openHAB installation I just see when trying to add in the list of personal widgets:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-02 um 09.02.31

And when added, just emptiness (o;

There is no need for an update.
Did you configure it correct ?

Hmm…and where should this widget be configured?

When I select “configure cell” after adding the widget just this empty popup appears with this odd uuid like title…

Your issue is not widget related:

Ah I see now…

This is how it gets installed when I look under development tools / widgets:

So one has to manually copy/paste it there…then the UI is visible then…

Think I have to fiddle with this a little as the layout isn’t that good:

Okay…column instead of cell (o;

BTW: Many items are marked as “required” in the setup UI but are not needed I see…