Airthings Hub implementation

Hi, was wondering if somebody has a solution to implement an Airthings Hub
or if someone already has found a way to connect to the Airthings API via OpenHAB.
Unfortunately the binding supports only Bluetooth which is no option in my infrastructure.

There are some Bluetooth bindings for OH. If the device only supports Bluetooth you would need something that uses Bluetooth. Since that is not an option for you, this is not a good solution to meet your requirements.

Hi Bruce,
The Sensor-Devices are Bluetooth only.
But the Hub is supposed to be implemented in Homeautomation. It’s connected via LAN and via API to the Airthings Cloud.

I don’t know thou, if the Manufacturer API is meant to be implemented.

HI all,

I just purchased an AirThings package as well. I am using 2 x Wave Plus’s, 2 x Wave Minis and a Hub. I too am very interested in trying to get this setup as well.


I asked Airthings about getting access to their API as a private person, but the answer was no.
They say a bit more about it here: Integrations: API

We can only hope that they will open up for it soon, as it was one of their original selling points for the hub.


I did a little bit of research and found, that the Airthings Dashboard uses a simple RESt API. I would now like to write a binding to access this API from OpenHAB. As there is an existing Airthings Binding, I’m now wondering, if it would be wise to implement a new binding, or extend the already existing binding.

Maybe the original maintainers of the binding (@Kai and @pauli_anttila) could join the discussion. What would you think?

Best regards


I think I would go for a separate binding, since the existing one is just an extension of the Bluetooth binding and coupled to that. And users that want to use the cloud api clearly have no interest in the bluetooth code on their installation. I’d suggest to go for airthingscloud as a binding id.

@stefanvogl & @nza: Feel free to mention to Airthings that you want to do the integration on behalf of the openHAB project - maybe this counts a bit more than “being a private person”, who knows!

I was wandering around the account today and it looks like there’s an API available for non-business customers: Getting Started with the Airthings API | Airthings

The documentation is at API Docs | Airthings and I was able to generate a token.