Alarm Button for OpenHAB

I am currently setting up a rule in openHAB that controls my Sonos, HUE lights and other stuff.
This works pretty good, but I want this rule to be triggered on the push of a hardware button.

Does anyone of you have a tip, which button to buy? It should have the look of an alarm button, so nothing like amazon dash or flic…


An Amazon Dash Button sound like exactly what you’re looking for.

Or, if you want a more DIY approach you could use and ESP8266 with a button and MQTT client.

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Thanks for your suggestions!

I’ve heard that the amazon dash button has a latency of 10-20 seconds.
That delay would eliminate the dash button.

I might go for the DIY variant then, if I do not find anything ready-made :slight_smile:

If you have ZWave, try Fibaro’s The button.
Or connect a classic switch or pushbutton to a FGD-212 dimmer’s secondary input, it’s a scene controller then.

With the Amazondash binding, the latency I get between button press and action is at most a couple of seconds. Still quite slow compared to other technologies and the DIY approach @Rob_Pope mentions would be a very nice low-cost solution. Much cheaper than the fibaro button at least. :wink:

@mstormi Thanks for the input. The fibaro button looks quite cool. As I do not have ZWave in place at the moment I did a little research. I would need a Fibaro Home Center to put this button to work, correct?

@Benjy A couple of seconds would be acceptable. With 5€ and no further requirements the amazon dash button is probably the best solution. I’m a newbie regarding microcontrollers and the DIY approach, though this solution sounds very interesting. I found this post Fire Alarm Button - he was using the esp8266. I think I’ll do some more research on this :slight_smile:

I got a latency of about 3 seconds using the Amazon Dash button.

No, you would just need a zwave controller (usb stick), but that’s another ~60€

The Fibaro button is really very good - well made, reliable and (as with most zwave devices) essentially no detectable latency. The other zwave button devices I’ve tried have not been happy experiences.

I just ordered the amazon dash button - I’ll give that one a try, its really cheap. If it doesn’t work for me, I would try the fibaro solution. Thank you all for your input :slight_smile:

Hi Philipp,

Could you please come back with a feedback on Amazon Dash in terms of actual response?
Thank you!


I will keep you posted :slight_smile:

I did something similar, was going more for something like a light switch for guests.

It’s a mysensors node and powered from a coin cell.

I 3dprinted a “wallplate” and buttons. But had a tiny issue that my radio wasn’t as close to the board as i needed so it didn’t quite fit, so I have to remove it then redo the radio.

This just uses my mysensors gateway and talks to mqtt. So i have rules setup to watch those nodes. Battery lasts FOREVER if you use the full sleep functionality and have the buttons wired to interrupts like I do.


I configured the dash button. It has a delay of approx. 1-2 seconds! :slight_smile: Pretty good and cheap!

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