Alarm Clock Andorid sends UNDEF

I’ve just configured the transfer of the Alarm Clock Time from the Android App on my Galaxy S10 to OpenHab.

At first it seems, it works:

But then I got the State UNDEF and I don’t know why, because I didn’t change the Alarm Clock Time on my Phone.

I thinks the problem is on the Phone, because even the Apps shows the UNDEF status:

UNDEF is send when there’s no alarm set or when the next alarm is set by an app that used to set false alarms:

Do you see any “Alarm sent by …” lines in the log of the Android app?

I think you are right, because now I’ve Alarm Time Stamps that are not set within the Android Alarm Clock App. But how can I figure out which App on the phone causes the wrong alarms?

Is this the Log that you mean? I searched for “Alarm” but didn’t find anything.

That’s the correct log, but it seems to be quite short. I have to see how the debugging can be improved in this case.

let me know, i’ve I can help.

And I’ve a suspect. When I told Alexa “remember me in 30min”, the time from the Alexa reminder was transfered from the Openhab App to my OpenHab System.

Is there the possibility to block Alexa reminders and alarms?

It’s only possible to block an app entirely. If Alexa can have valid alarms, I wouldn’t block it.

currently it seems that I got valid Alarms from the Alexa App but also invalid “UNDEF” Alarms that are overwriting the Alarms from the native Androird Alarm Clock App. Tell me if I can support in any way with tests or something like that.

is there any chance to deactivate the Alexe UNDEF Alarms?

I don’t think so. I’m going to add a sentence about these UNDEF alarm to the docs: Explain limitations of getting the alarm clock by mueller-ma · Pull Request #2882 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub