Alexa - Kommandos für "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode"


i’m just trying to implement “homekit:HeatingCoolingMode” for my Thermostates which are already working with alexa. (MAX! with Homegear and Homematic Binding)

My Thermostates Heating Cooling String doesn’t fit the homekit mapping, so i wanted do make my own an fire the needed commands by rules.

I’ve created a new Item and added it to my Thermostat-group:

String   VZ_Thermostat_HeatingCoolingMode        "HeatingCoolingMode"         (gVZ_Thermostat)    ["homekit:HeatingCoolingMode"]

Then i’ve set it to AUTO via REST, now i can’t find out what so say to alexa to get, or set the heatingcooling status.

Does somebody know the command, or has experience with that homekit synthax and Alexa?

Thank you!


Did you ever get anywhere with cooling mode and homekit / alexa tags working?

Any idea on that meanwhile? I am not able to switch that string via Alexa. What would be the command (… in German…)?

“Alexa, turn the heating to 22 degrees” - > “Thermostat heating is set to 22 degrees”
“Alexa, switch the heating off” -> “Thermostat heating does not support this”
(from German)

Can anyone help? Please check Thermostat works well in Google Home, but not with Alexa

Asking the same question in 7 conversations will not give you better or faster answers.
You‘d better check Amazons Skill pages for available commands.

Well, the skill can do it.
I was hoping to maybe find one person who would be able to help…