Alexa mqtt devices stops working after OH3.3 upgrade

after a successful upgrade from OH3.0 to OH3.3 I have problems with the OpenHab Alexa Smart Home skill.
Please see the description of my problem below - do you have any ideas how I should analyse this behaviour any further - or even better: do you recognize it an know what’s causing it?
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  • OH 3.3 running in Docker image, successfully connected to OH cloud
  • OpenHab Alexa Smart Home Skill & multiple Alexas at home


  • when telling Alexa to do something (switch on, off, etc.) with an OH-controlled device, Alexa responds something like “The device is not answering, please check connection”.
  • from Alexa app the addressed device (and all others devices connected via mqtt) is displaying as “not responding”
  • no specifics errors in the OH ‘openhab.log’

There are ongoing issues with the openHAB Cloud service. Servers think they are connected, but they are not.

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Thanks a lot @rpwong ! You saved me other time waste. :wink: