[Alexa] Rounding effects when setting temperature with Alexa

I have setup my Max! thermostats for control via Alexa, and it works quite well, but I have a strange rounding effect that I don’t know how to get rid of:

I say, “Alexa, setze die Temperatur im Wohnzimmer auf 21,5 Grad” ("Alexa, set living room temperature to 21.5 degrees)
Alexa replies, “Automatischer Modus ist auf 22 Grad gestellt” (“Automatic mode is set to 22 degrees”)
The thermostat, however, is correctly set to 21.5 degrees.
Now when I ask, “Alexa, auf was ist Temperatur im Wohnzimmer gesetzt?” (“Alexa, what is the living room temperature set to?”)
Alexa replies, “Automatischer Modus ist auf 21,5 Grad gestellt” (“Automatic mode is set to 21.5 degrees”)

Why is Alexa (presumably) rounding the temperature in the feedback to my set command, but not otherwise? Any idea?

Coincidence or a totally different problem?

Looks different to me.

I’ve created an issue for this, but it would be helpful to know, if anyone can confirm this behaviour? Or not confirm it?