Alexa Translation Help Needed (Spanish, Italian)

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Hi, we are excited to launch the openHAB Alexa service in Italian and Spanish speaking countries soon. We could really use the community’s help in translating our app in these languages. If you speak one of these fluently please help out by translating our publishing document at . Thanks!


The Italian translation has been done, thank you!

Still looking for someone to help with the Spanish translation…:grinning:

I think I could help with Spanish

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That would be great! I had just started using google translate, which would not have been good. Please ignore any translation already as its machine generated. The file is short, so I don’t think this should take long.


I’m not a professional but as soon as I learn to use Crowding platform, I will try to finish the translation. I’m wishing to use Alexa on openHAB, but is this the necesary skill?

The crowdin interface is not difficult, just click on the Spanish icon, then on the the file called “PublishingInformation.txt”. In there you select each sentence, provide a Spanish translation and click save.

Yes, this is the skill to control your openHAB instance from Alexa.


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Ciao Dan,
Italian openhab commands will work only when alexa will released officially in Italy and Spain?

Hello Dan, yo still need help with italian translation? October, 30th is close :wink:
Thank you

I am also waiting for the skill in Italian :wink:
Let us know when you update it :sunglasses::kissing_heart:

In Italy the skill OH is not yet present. Is there information about the release? My colleagues and I are eagerly waiting. Yesterday Italian Echoes were delivered to us!

Hello @digitaldan,
I read and tried to follow the instructions (from github) on how to publish the OH2 skill on Alexa, but I can’t understand the instructions. I’m not a developer, it’s too complicated for me, so the only hope is you.
On behalf of all Openhab’s users from Italy, I kindly ask your support to publish this skill to Alexa.
Thank you

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Our app is in review for these new regions, I’m not sure when Amazon will approve them. I will report back here when I hear.


Many thanks. Congratulations for your work

Thank you very much!!!
I can’t wait to use the italian skill :slight_smile:

Thank you all. Looking forward trying the skill!!!

@digitaldan: Thank you Dan!
:muscle: You’re rock!

Any plans for Greece? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @digitaldan . Let me know if you need any help with Spanish. Many thanks to @JAnguita.