Alphabetical sorting of item list is no longer possible in VSCode Extension

version 0.4.1 of the extension for VSCode no longer sorts the items list alphabetically, see screenshot.
Version 0.4.0 sorted the list alphabetically, which made the overview much easier.
Is it possible to reactivate this sorting in the new version? Thanks a lot!

Sorry can’t answer your question but I moved this to proper category :+1:

Switch to “sort by name”:

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I think you are talking about different view windows. The “ITEM” and THINGS" views do not have a menu to set a sort order.

precise, i mean this one:

here it is not possible to sort alphabetically, in version 0.4.0 this was automatically sorted alphabetically.

That’s bad :kissing_heart:

@miwok The item list handling is currently rewritten. Somehow the sort order got lost. I have added a comment here:

thank you, this is a very important feature for me!

Do you have the problem with the extension from the Microsoft Store or did you install it manually? I have tried with the releases version and there it seemed to be OK and only the latest version from github seemed to have this problem.

Sorry, that was my mistake. i opened an issue here:

Until fixed maybe you can try installing the beta version. See this link:

I’m using this and its working fine on my setup.

Nope. The beta seems to have introduced this behavior.

We will fix it in the next release then.


just to be more precise, i have only installed official extensions of the marketplace.

0.4.1 and beta is the same in this case, since I released the beta in marketplace after a short test period without bigger problems. :slight_smile: