Alternative to Z-wave

I’m very tired of Z-wave crap, it takes 100 tries before they are linked together with the stick even if you follow the manuals EXACTLY every time. I’ve been using Wemo for switches, but now I noticed they hardly sell them any more here in Sweden. So does anyone has a really good alternative? I mainly need switches and motions sensors, I would prefer with wifi but if I have to buy yet another dongle its ok. And I want the protocol to be acked, no Nexa crap either that you never know what kind of state the devices are in… Sorry about the whining, just so tired of bad home automation products…

Sorry if you have made such bad experience with zwave. I’m using zwave devices since 3 years, first with openHAB1, now with openHAB2.
No issues at all …
The only alternative I know of is soldering your own hardware, for example with or the famous ESP8266.

Ah ok, I have one actually but never took the time to play with it. Maybe I should…

Part of zwave “inconvenient” behaviour is about conserving battery life. Power options that you deem suitable in your situation will likely have a big influence on equipment options.

Insteon: Yes, you’ll have to buy a powerline modem to interface, but it is great, offers a full line of many different switches/dimmers/motion/door sense etc. Protocol is dual band (powerline and RF) and each device works as part of a mesh network. Protocol is also ACK/NACKed, all devices send out signals when operated locally and are also poll-able by openhab to ensure state is always correct.

I am using the Philio 4-in-1 sensors and for me these are the best ones available atm.
Endless battery life and very reliable. once included I have no issues at all.
Mine are running since two years on first battery in my living room even though I let it report additionally every 15 mins.

Thank you for the tips, keep em coming :slight_smile: Good to have some extra options…

EnOcean based batery free switches and sensors. You will never complaing again about batteries.

I would recomend Xiaomi gateway, I got so much toys for nothing.

Would you say any of these systems has a REALLY great motion sensor? What I
would like to use it for is to turn on lights in rooms, but also if
possible I want it to have a good presence detection so that it “knows” if
there is people in the room even if they sit kinda still. I’m not sure a
normal PIR can do this, my Wemo sensor is quite bad at it. But it is not
super important, but nice to have…

I don’t have the experince to verify this. I will at some point in the futhure test this for my bathroom. I only played around with them untill now and did simple tests on them, I can’s say anything about the stability of them sorry.

Sounds very good (like Zwave + dual band on powerline). But where can you buy the stuff in Europe or Germany? According to their webpage they have products designed for the German market but the powerline modem (which is the important gateway to Openhab) is not available in any store in Europe. So I assume you live in the US?

I have the same problem, can’t seem to find those Insteon products anywhere
in Sweden (or Europe)… :frowning:

I buy lots of my insteon stuff from Amazon.

Hitting I see lots of Euro specific devices:

The thing I don’t see is a PLM, although I didn’t look very throughly. What you can use in its place is an insteon hub. The openHAB PLM binding works both the PLM and the hub.

That is exactly the problem. There is apparently no Insteon controller on the European market at the moment (at least for Germany) which makes it impossible to test this technology.
Is the hub also dual band?

Would this work in Germany? I believe it is supported in openHAB:

It is a device designed for the UK market. I searched the net and found that is uses different power cords than we have in Germany.

Right - but I’m thinking should be same voltage, there should be a little physical converter to go from UK to DE style plugs. I think this would do the trick right?

Ok, if it is really as easy like that? Just juse a travel power adapter and it works? I am a bit concerned why there is so little official market support from Insteon in Germany. However, it sounds interesting and perhaps I’ll try it with the UK version.

Cool, let us all know how it works out for you!