Am I stupid or just unlucky?

So I set up my raspberry3b+ with a razberry card and managed to make it work after changing the cmdline.txt and config.txt.

I’m reading a lot of places that OH is a really stable system, but my experience so far is that everything seems random. Some devices work fine, other devices can’t be included and some devices is no stress to include, but I can’t send updates to them or I don’t get any events from them. Because I had som much problems, I think I reinstalled openhabian 5 times from scratch, and now I can’t include my danalockV3, which was working fine the first time I installed OH…

And yes, I updated the binding to 2.5…

I’m utterly confused and wondering if I’m the only one having these issues…

Is it because of the hardware I’m using. Is it more complicated than just scan for things and then add channels? Am I just unlucky or stupid? These are questions running around in my head making my life misserable right now.

Any cheerfull words,tips and tricks is very much obliged :smiley:

At start, OH looks like unstable, but after 10-20 minutes all is stable. This is, I think, because everything is loaded parallel. So sometime the rule is already loaded, but the device is not initialized.
Second, sometime the Z-wave network is not stable, wait a day and you’ll see that everything works as it suppose to. This is because when there are a lot of changes in the z-wave (especially a few reinstalls), the meshnetwork is not synchronized. At night (mostly 2am) there’ll be a network heal.

We all struggle from time to time
Also lots of dragons lurking right now because of core reintegration
Zwave definitely needs to settle down after restart. Making numerous changes also tends to sometimes leave things in a funny state.

Without stating which type of devices and which bindings you use there isn’t much we can help.

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In general the core of OH is pretty stable.

The zwave binding is also pretty stable in my experience but I’m aware of a few problems in the snapshots right now so I wouldn’t recommend using a version later than 2.5 M1 right now unless you really need the new device database because you have a new device.

Battery powered devices can be a pain. These typically need to be woken up several times to give the binding a chance to interrogate it enough to figure out what it is.

But like opus said, you’ve not provided enough specifics to really diagnose or help.

Thanks guys!

Think I’m starting to understand a bit more, but still I can’t include my wallmont quad securely. If you have the time and energy, I would really appreciate if you could give me some clues here Events from WallMote Quad is not registered

@koverskeid I posted on the topic you referenced above suggesting you provide a debug log showing the secure inclusion process.