Amazon Account Binding not working

Hello everyone!

I decided to start using openHAB now and connect it with my two echo dots. However, I am having a little trouble setting it up. Under “Configuration -> Things” (in the Paper UI) I added “Amazon Account”. For some reason, though, I cannot hook my account up. When I enter my IP-address followed by the amazon-part (/amazonechocontrol/…), I am redirected to the alexa sign in page.

Then when I enter my user data, I am redirected to a page where I have to verify the login attempt by clicking a link that is sent to my smartphone; and there’s a 60 second countdown, until a new code is sent.

My problem here is that I am redirected back to the login page after about 2 - 5 seconds. I receive a link on my smartphone and sometimes I even manage to click it in time, but it makes no difference as I am still being redirected back to the login page.

Has anyone else encountered that problem?

I am running a Windows 10 computer and I use the Chrome Browser to access openHAB. openHAB itself runs on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ and I installed it via the hassle-free installation, where I used Etcher to install an .img-file to an microSD card.

Thank you in advance,

Which version of OH, Amazon Echo Control binding do you use ?
Enable 2FA / two step verification for your Amazon account which is described here:

Thank you so much! I hadn’t activated 2FA - doing so did the trick, I could log in and everything is working. Thank you!

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