Amazon discontinues Dash buttons

As Amazon Dash buttons are being used as triggers for openHAB

it has been announced by Amazon that they will discontinue them:

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Thanks for reporting! :slight_smile: That’s a pitty. But as I read in above article:

"Existing Dash buttons will continue to function “so long as the public keeps using them,” CNET says."

Hopefully it will be very long… :wink:


I assume that the Dash buttons will persist to work as long as they have already been setup according to

But I am afraid that any new and still uninitialized Dash buttons will be useless now because the initial setup provided by Amazon is not available anymore. :frowning_face:

Edit: App functionality is still in place!


I have a brand new one at home, but not initialized…

Is there a way to use it without this? I think it will send something to the wifi, when i press the button? Is this not enough?


No, I am afraid not. At first, you can quite easily find out the MAC address of the device:

hold down the button for a few seconds until the light starts to flash Blue. Then scan for new wireless networks on your device and look for an SSID called “Amazon ConfigureMe” and connect to it.
Once you’re connected, open up your web browser and point to and you’ll find a Dash Device Info page listing that includes the MAC address of the device!

But the next vital step is to program the device with the SSID and password of your wifi so that it can be discovered within your network at all. This has been usually achieved by the Amazon Shopping app which does not provide this functionality anymore. :frowning_face:

:bulb: Maybe you can use an older APK of the Amazon Shopping app to still achieve this? I guess it makes sense to preserve an older backup of it in case it exists.

Edit: App functionality is still in place!

@miba @halloween

In my Amazon Shopping APP it still is possible to manage/add/delete DashButtons.

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I tried it and i was also able to configure my two new dashbuttons…


@Celaeno1 @halloween

Oh, that’s true. It is still in there. I have not found it before because I took the wrong path within the app and it showed me information on virtual Dash buttons. So I assumed they removed it. Sorry!

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For those with a soldering iron I found a great tutorial for a DIY button.

It’s probably a middle to advanced level project.

A software testing portal still lists the Amazon Dash Button as #3 of “18 Most Popular IoT Devices in 2019 (Only Noteworthy IoT Products)” (Last Updated: March 22, 2019):

Is there still a possibility to enable old Dash Buttons again? I tried to install Amazon 18.4 in Bluestacks, but it doesn’t has the possibility to add/edit Dash Buttons.